ELiProCoM at a glance

ELiProCoM is a product independent consulting and solution company that focuses on lifecycle and remarketing related concepts and integration models. Deep industry knowledge and innovative approaches provide clients with flexible solutions, greater benefit from the installed base and additional distribution and sales channels through inventive asset management programs.


Together with our clients, we develop secure, sustainable, market leading services that address their business opportunities at the various stages of a product’s lifecycle. Our goal is to optimize the approach to asset evaluation at the beginning of a long-term engagement, implement sales initiatives for optimum results on returned products and ensure that equipment exchange and disposal projects are carried out consistently worldwide. We integrate our clients’ business model to provide the required level of services (see our 3Step approach >>) while meeting all relevant data security, legal and environmental standards.


From manufacturers and service providers to finance institutions and corporate end-users, our clients benefit from the optimized utilization of used and refurbished products, complete coverage of a product’s lifecycle and enhanced sales opportunities.

Our Experience

The specific know-how of our clients together with our international expertise on various product and market segments allows us to create highly innovative solutions. Based on our extensive practical experience with market leaders across multiple business areas, we are able to prepare tailored solutions for our clients’ specific needs. ELiProCoM’s CEO, Michael Horst, has held management positions in remarketing and asset management divisions of international finance companies and product manufacturers. ELiProCoM and its employees make sure that they are up to date through the continuous exchange of information with market stakeholders and interest groups.

Our Values

Independence, sustainability, and tailor-made concepts and solutions. Founded in 2010 as an owner-managed company, ELiProCoM ensures client specific solutions and the highest results through our independent concept. Our 3Step approach provides customized services and allows maximum flexibility for our clients at every stage. We partner with our clients to deliver the best possible solution in line with our core values of high quality, sustainability, reliability and openness. We are committed to developing valuable long-term relationships and an ambitious working environment with our employees and clients.