Data Protection

Modern IT infrastructures drive multiple requirements for data protection – from the deployment of a server farm to the usage of mobile devices and the remarketing and disposal of equipment at the end of its use. Only an integral approach to a product’s entire lifecycle can ensure continuous data protection through all stages.

Workplace systems, servers, storage, smartphones, etc., regardless of whether the surplus equipment gets recycled, redeployed or resold, most products still carry data. Ensuring a professional and risk sensitive way to protect and delete data during equipment returns requires a "complete picture" approach, which includes end-to-end returns logistic to state-of-the-art data erasure with audit-proof documentation. An always changing IT environment driven by technological developments and continuous regulatory modifications requires dedicated focus to ensure up-to-date conformance with internal and external data protection requirements at the end of use.

ELiProCoM’s extensive experience in lifecycle and remarketing solutions and related data protection requirements supports our clients by implementing equipment exchange processes that give them peace of mind. With our specialized skill set, we analyze the internal and external requirements, provide guidance during the selection of technology and solutions and always consider the cost-benefit relation. We conduct workshops to raise risk awareness and solution know-how, review established procedures on a regular basis to ensure that they conform with the latest changes and support actual tenders by integrating the end of a product's lifecycle.